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At Redgum Vet clinic we care about your pet’s health. This is why we specialise in pet vaccinations. Both dogs and cats need to be vaccinated each year. Many of the most serious canine diseases, including Canine Hepatitis, Canine Distemper, Canine Parainfluenza, and Canine Parvovirus, are preventable with simple pet vaccinations. Some of these conditions can cause very serious health problems, discomfort or pain for your pet.

Some can be so serious that they can cause death within a number of days, potentially even hours. For young pets especially, it’s crucial to build up their immunity against diseases by getting pet vaccinations in accordance to their schedule.

Pet vaccinations not only protect your pets, but they also ensure your pets can’t infect others in your local community. An up-to-date pet vaccinations history is regularly required in places where dogs and will closely interact with each other.

Redgum Vet Pet Vaccinations Service


There are several pet vaccinations choices for both dogs and cats. When you get a new puppy, the pet vaccinations program you follow will be in consultation with your Vet and may also depend on what vaccinations the puppy has already had and the age when those vaccinations were given. At Redgum, the Vets recommend C5 dog vaccination (this vaccinates against hepatitis, distemper, parvo and the most common forms of kennel cough).

They also recommend either an annual heartworm vaccination, or monthly heartworm tablets. For cats, the Redgum Vets recommend F3 vaccine (this vaccinates against feline enteritis and two forms of feline respiratory disease), and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).

Dogs and cats need to be wormed every three months. We understand it’s difficult to keep up with this schedule, so to help you provides calls or emails to remind you its time for pet vaccinations!

Pet Vaccinations- The Best Choice for you!


Redgum Vet clinic is the best choice for all your pet vaccinations needs. We are fully equipped and functioning. To ensure the best possible care, support and diagnosis for your pets, we carry an extensive range of diagnostic tools and equipment. This includes digital x-ray processing, pet vaccinations and ultrasound, as well as surgical support tools.

We network with a range of specialist services to ensure those more involved cases and surgeries are offered the best outcomes for recovery. Redgum carries a wide range of high quality products to support good animal health and care, from nutritional needs, enrichment toys and treats, and skin and coat requirements.

Our Vet Nurses are always available to support your pet vaccinations decision making in ensuring positive animal health. This ensures good animal health, especially when there are children in the family, who play with animals and might not be vigilant about hand washing.

Redgum has created a one-stop shop for all of your animal needs! Please contact us and book in a pet vaccinations appointment today.

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