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Pet Boarding Port Augusta


At Redgum Vet, we offer pet boarding for cats and dogs. Our trained team will provide the highest standard of safety and we ensure that our pet boarding areas are well equipped to suit your pet. Staff every day, with Dr. Absalom living on-site, the dogs and cats receive plenty of attention and support.

The clinic offers a range of services and specialises in the boarding of pets. The clinic is located at 24 Woodcock Street, Port Augusta and is open between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. However, times vary on Thursday evening and Saturday mornings. We provide all the pets who are boarding with a generous indoor and outdoor space.

We encourage socialisation and play amongst the animals whilst they are boarding as it is a method of distracting them from the sudden environmental change.  Additionally, you can rest assured that we will give them lots of love and care. We love it when clients tell us their dog is excited and wagging their tail as they come down the road to Redgum – this means they are looking forward to another play time.

We Let Your Pets Be Themselves Whilst Pet Boarding


Our team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your pet is comfortable and active whilst pet boarding. We understand that your pet is a part of the family and pet boarding can be a bit overwhelming for some pets. However, we will make sure that your pet is given a variety of food and their specific dietary requirements are met.

Additionally, we will make sure that they exercise and are kept clean. Before being entered into the kennels, your dog is required to have the current C5 vaccination. Additionally, we need a certificate proving so. For entry into the cattery, your cat needs the current F3 vaccinations with a vaccination certificate proving so.

We differentiate from other animal boarding locations because we allow for the dogs to interact with each other. We believe that play and socialisation are important for all animals.  However, we will respect your wishes.

Committed Team for Pet Boarding Port Augusta


When your pet arrives at pet boarding we will make sure that they feel comfortable. Additionally, we will be able to give them a current flea and tick treatment before they enter the Kennel or Cattery. Pet boarding is an excellent way to keep your pet safe and sound whilst you’re away.

We will be able to provide your pet with the best care and if you have any concerns, just ask our friendly staff. Redgum Vet is renowned for providing excellent and clean boarding facilities. When you bring your pet in for the first time, we will ask you to complete a series of paperwork.

This will allow us to understand your pet’s daily life and indicates how we can best maintain their well being and happiness whilst boarding. Our services are designed to suit your needs and we will endeavour to keep your pet happy whilst your away.

Book an appointment with our friendly staff for more information. Contact us on 08 8642 3308.

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