Meet The Team

Vet Clinic Team

Redgum Vets is staffed by 3 dedicated and enthusiastic Vets. All the team are committed to providing best practice to every animal under their care.

Dr Roger Absalom, has been a Port Augusta local for over 35 years. Well known throughout the district, Dr. Roger has generalised knowledge over all species, with a special interest in native animals.

Dr. Hannah Moy joined Redgum in January 2018 as a new graduate from Queensland. She has quickly built up her own client base, with her very gentle and caring approach to the individual.

Dr. Znoishta Nedjadkay (Znoi [pronounced like Snowey]) joined Redgum in April 2019, graduating from Murdoch University. She also has that really loving and gentle caring approach.

As a team, the Redgum Vets are supported by a fantastic group of nurses and support staff, which means the team at Redgum are able to meet any situation and need.

The Redgum Vet clinic is fully equipped and functioning. To ensure the best possible care, support and diagnosis for your pets, we carry an extensive range of diagnostic tools and monitoring equipment. This includes digital x-ray processing, and ultrasound, as well as surgical support tools.

We network with a range of specialist services to ensure those more involved cases and surgeries are offered the best outcomes for recovery.

Redgum also recognises that each case and situation is different, and each owner has different health philosophies. To ensure we meet your need, we offer a range of support services, including Behavioural support, animal Bowen, Equissage and Laser Therapies.

Redgum carries a wide range of products to support good animal health and care, from nutritional needs, enrichment toys and treats, and skin and coat requirements. Our Vet Nurses are able to support your decision making in ensuring positive animal health.

Dr Roger Absalom (Senior Vet)

Dr Roger Absalom, Senior Vet

Dr. Absalom has been the local Vet in the Port Augusta area for over 35 years. He has a strong understanding of the local environment and the factors which might impact on your animals. Dr Roger has the unique privilege of now working over several generations, from parents to children and now grandchildren. The concept of the family Vet, and the ongoing support of this type of relationship is very important to all the staff at Redgum.

Dr Hannah Moy

Vet with dog

Dr. Hannah has been with Redgum since January 2018, after completing her training with the University of Queensland. Along with her best mate, her Weimaraner dog, Jasper, Dr. Hannah is making Port Augusta home. Dr. Hannah is a keen vegan cook and loves exploring the outdoors. She has an amazing, empathetic nature, and with her thorough and excellent approach to providing best practice care has quickly developed a strong client base. Her smiling face, warmth and sense of caring is clearly evident; and with her quirky sense of humour, she is a strong addition to the team at Redgum.

Dr  Znoishta Nedjadkay

Capture i

Dr. Znoi (pronounced as Snowey), is the most recent new Vet to join the Redgum team. Dr. Znoi completed her degree at Murdoch University in Perth and we are absolutely thrilled to have her join the Redgum team! Originally from India, Dr. Znoi is the most amazing cook – her kitchen delivers wonderful spicy creations! Znoi loves exploring and has already started getting to know the incredible areas in our local region. Her lovely, gentle nature and calm mannerisms are the perfect addition to Redgum!!



Jo is a very welcome addition to the Redgum team. Living in Wilmington, Jo’s employment objective is to help animals and their owners by providing the best and most up to date treatment choices. Jo has worked as a Vet Nurse for the past 13 years. Jo has her own dogs, Buddy and Maya, a cat Lucky and thoroughbred horse, Jojo. Jo and her husband also have a keen interest in the racing industry. Jo’s husband is the owner of the Wilmington Hotel, so outside of the Vet Nursing role, Jo can be seen working in and around the hotel. Jo’s expertise areas include surgery, canine reproduction, orthopaedic surgery, and laser therapy and rehabilitation. She is also Fear Free Pets trained, so can offer great advice if your pet has fear, anxiety or stress when they come to the clinic.


Staff member with puppy

Dot is well known to Port Augusta locals and has been Vet nursing for more than 20 years. Dot has completed Certificates 2 & 4 in Animal Studies. She has also completed training in Business management and animal nutrition. Dot is in the Clinic Monday to Thursday afternoons. Dot is the person to talk to if you need any merchandise; her years of knowledge will support useful and valid information.



Phoebe is a local Wilmington girl, who loves the country lifestyle. Phoebe brings a wealth of animal handling experience to Redgum, along with a smiling face and a genuine empathy towards animal health and care. Phoebe has completed her Veterinary Nursing qualification, and also has a degree in Animal Science. She is also Redgum’s Puppy School Nurse, and has extensive knowledge of the Redgum product base. Phoebe is the proud owner of Aimee, her horse, and, Bindi, her very clever Border Collie!


Capture g

Leanne is a wonderful addition to Redgum. A Port Augusta local, Leanne has one focus – animals! Anyone who knows her, knows of her love and devotion to her own furbabies, well, not so much babies – they are all very large dogs – with a Saint Bernard, a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Golden Retriever, she has her hands kept very busy!

Leanne is Redgum’s skilled Canine Behaviour and Bowen Therapy practitioner. Her focus is making sure you and your dog have, and maintain an amazing, positive relationship. Leanne is also trained in Canine Bowen Therapy, offering an alternative healing option to sit alongside traditional medical supports.

The Van


Not strictly speaking a staff member, but, none the less, the Van is an integral part of the day-to-day operations of Redgum. You might see it delivering food, or collecting a dog for grooming, or as part of the home visit service Redgum operates. Give a wave to The Van next time it passes you!



Louise is Redgum’s practice manager. Coming from a background encompassing Diversional Therapy, and Adult and Vocational Learning, Louise is responsible for the day to day running and organising at Redgum.

Grooming Team

Donna and Hayley

Our grooming girls are a real local team! Both born and bred in Port Augusta, Donna and Hayley are a fantastic duo! They work beautifully together, are amazing team members, and they produce brilliant grooming results!

Both girls are experienced groomers and are always open to your ideas. Donna has more recently trained under Natalie West, from Dog Diversity in Melbourne. Dog Diversity has been successfully training dog groomers for the past 11 years.

Our grooming team are in high demand, with clients travelling from as far as Roxby Downs and Coober Pedy for regular appointments.

Both Donna and Hayley also work in the Boarding Kennels and can occasionally be found helping out in the clinic too! These two are a great asset to the Redgum team.

Donna and Hayley can also help you with all your queries about shampoos, conditioners, grooming supplies and requirements, as well as nail polishes and doggie hair dyeing!

Boarding Team


Dillan Moore is Redgum’s Kennel Manager and heads up the Boarding team. Dillan has the happiest of dispositions, and is always smiling! Coming from a strong trade background, Dillan combines the maintenance role and kennel manager role perfectly. He is thoroughly enjoys his role and makes great friends with all the animals as they come into the kennels.

Dillan is supported by a range of Redgum staff, mainly Donna, Hayley and Abby. Several mornings a week, Shannon also helps out in the kennels and with maintenance. This means your animals get to meet a variety of new friends and have plenty of people to play with during their stay. We can’t promise they will always be as clean when they go as when they arrive – the dogs have a great time playing and running outside during the day (weather permitting), including water play in the summer, but we can assure you that they have the MOST fun!

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