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The Outreach Program in Equine Vet


The Outreach Program allows for the communities in rural South Australia have access to a vet, such as Equine Vet.  The Equine Vet is a fully functional and operating outreach veterinary clinical service. Our aim is to help every type of animal in the outback and we are able to provide you with a variety of treatments.

Dr Roger Absalom studied at the Murdoch University and once he completed his studied he then opened up a practice in Port Augusta. Redgum Veterinary Clinic was established in 1984 and through this practice he was able to attain a huge amount of experience.

Since the establishment of Redgum, Dr Roger has begun working in a variety of rural locations as part of the Outreach Program. The aim of the Outreach Program is to introduce veterinary services to those who do not have a veterinary clinic nearby.

Equine Vet is Ready To Support Your Pet


The Outreach Program provides Dr Roger Absalom with the ability to improve your pets wellbeing and overall health at the Equine Vet. The Equine Vet aim is to provide those communities who do not have a permanent veterinary clinic nearby with a veterinary service every 4 to 6 weeks.

Dr Roger visits many different locations and seeks to advertised the program via Facebook, text and email. Existing clients are notified when he will be visiting and are given the opportunity to make a booking. Additionally, those looking for a vet at Ceduna have the capacity to make an appointment online.

The professional team have an understanding of the experiences and problems that animals may face in rural environments. We seek to deliver you with the care you and your pet need.  Ultimately our goal is give you the opportunity to access quality animal health care.

Veterinary Services at the Equine Vet


Our fully qualified and trained team are prepared to provide you with advice at the Equine Vet. The Redgum Veterinary clinic in Port August has allowed for an Outreach Program to be established. The Equine Vet is an example of this Outreach Program.

It can be difficult for those communities in rural South Australia to have access to veterinary advice and attention. Our experienced and well exposed staff have the ability to provide you with treatments and advice. We want everyone to be able to look after their pets to the highest of standards. They are an important part of our lives and they deserve to be well cared for.

If you recognise that your pet is not acting like their usual selves, contact the Regum Veterinary Clinic at Port Augusta and we will arrange for an Outreach service to occur. Through regular check-ups and vaccinations, we will be able to help your pet stay fit and healthy.

Talk to our friendly nurses or vets today about Equine Vet. We provide the best care and service for pets in rural South Australia. Contact us on 08 8642 3308.

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