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At our Redgum Ceduna Vet Clinic, we are a fully prepared and operative outreach clinic service. We help all types of animals in the outback and are able to provide an extensive range of treatments.

Support for the outreach person and their animals is important to Dr. Roger, and he has looked after regional and remote clients for many years.  The outreach program is a wide clinical service that extends from Ceduna (West Cost) to Coober Pedy (to the north of the state).

The purpose of the outreach program is to maintain contact with people and animals living in rural settings. The trips occur every month or 6 weeks, depending on circumstances and cases at the given time. Dr Roger and his team aim to provide the highest quality services through the Outreach Program.

Increase Your Pets Wellbeing at Ceduna Vet


Through the Outreach program, Dr Roger Absalom has the capacity to provide your pet with medical attention at the Ceduna Vet. The Ceduna Vet supports those outback communities that do not have an established or permanent veterinary clinic in the town.

Each 4 to 6 weeks, Dr Roger will make his way to different locations, including Ceduna in order to create easy access for those pets who need it most. The Outreach clinic is advertised via Facebook, text and email. Those clients in the region receive a text or email of an upcoming visit, allowing for them to make a booking if required.

Otherwise, our clients have the ability to make an appointment on our website. Dr Roger is aware of the experiences and problems that people and animals endure in these outback environments.  We aim to provide you with the support you need and make accessing animal health care easier for you.

Professionals in Animal Health Care at Ceduna Vet

At Ceduna Vet, we bring you the best animal health care advice at the Ceduna Vet. Our highly qualified professionals will be able to advise you on the health of your pet, big or small, at the Ceduna Vet. Furthermore, the team are extremely experienced and have been exposed to emergency situations.

They are very much capable of providing your pet with treatment plans, medical regimes and will follow up on appointments to ensure that your pet is recovering well. We understand that animals bring so much joy to the home and we as their owners, only want the best for them.

When you have recognised that your pet is in pain or just not themselves, contact us at Redgum Vet Port Augusta and we will seek to provide your pet with the medical attention and support they need. We will be able to indicate what signs to look for when determining how your pet is copping.

To learn more about Ceduna Vet – Make an appointment at href=”https://redgumvetandpetboarding.com.au/services-2/ or call us on 08 8642 3308.

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